Low Intensity Conflict & Upcoming Courses

Jul 06, 2021

I just posted this week's lesson over at the Gray Zone Study Group.

We're two lessons into Low Intensity Conflict, which is war below the threshold of conventional war but above routine, peaceful competition.

One of the most important things Americans can understand is that everything happening in this country right now can and will be made much worse through foreign influence and external support.

I convincingly make that case in this week's lesson, which is available to students enrolled in the Gray Zone Study Group.

It's one lesson a week on intelligence and security concepts, and how to best position and prepare yourself for our Gray Zone future.


Here are a few of the most recent lessons:


We've also released an updated course schedule, which you'll find below:

10-11 JUL: Tactical Intelligence Course (Gettysburg, PA)

21-22 AUG: Close Target Reconnaissance (Salt Lake City, UT)

28-29 AUG: Tactical Intelligence Course (Houston, TX)

06-07 NOV: Tactical Intelligence Course (Las Vegas, NV)


We'll also be adding some additional Surveillance Awareness and Surveillance Detection/Countersurveillance courses later this year. You can find our entire training schedule here: https://www.grayzoneactivity.com/training


Until next time, be well.

Always Out Front,

Mike Shelby

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