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Gray Zone Training Updates

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Nashville, TN

Tac Intel + Surveillance

26 MAY: Tac Intel/ISR

27 MAY: Surveillance

28 MAY: Countersurveillance


Area Intelligence Course

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Tactical Intelligence Course (2-Day): Students learn the foundations of intelligence work, and are prepared to become the "intelligence officer" during an emergency or disaster. Whether conducting disaster recovery and humanitarian response, or navigating a bug out, a natural disaster, civil unrest and rioting, or something worse, students graduate this course prepared to produce real-time intelligence. (The online Area Intelligence Course is included and can be conducted on the student's own time prior to the course.)

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (2-Day): The ISR Course is designed to build on Tac Intel and familiarize students with advanced collection techniques. Students will learn about intelligence network design, the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP), basic surveillance and mission planning, and the basics of Threat Vulnerability Assessment. (The ISR Course can be combined into a 3-day Tactical Intelligence Course.)

Surveillance Fundamentals (2-Day): Recognizing criminal surveillance is crucial to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. This course is designed for those who travel in high risk environments. Students learn the fundamentals of surveillance and counter-surveillance with one day of classroom instruction and one day of fieldwork. (* Students must first complete the Tactical Intelligence Course.)

Close Target Reconnaissance (2-Day): Students learn how to study maps and conduct basic reconnaissance of a location, plan reconnaissance missions, highlight security vulnerabilities, and reverse-engineer better security for your home, homestead, office, or bug-out location. CTR includes a basic lock-picking kit and instruction to improve lock security. (* Students must first complete the Surveillance Fundamentals Course.)

Low Visibility Convoy Operations (2-Day): This course prepares students to convoy in overseas or domestic high risk environments, such as disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, non-combatant evacuation, or travel in dangerous locales. Students learn the basics of vehicle selection, vehicle gear loadout, and extensive planning considerations.

Human Intelligence Collection (2-Day): The HUMINT Collectors Course prepares students to gather information from witting and unwitting sources. In addition to traditional HUMINT operations, this course includes instruction on social engineering and other advanced collection techniques. (* Students must first complete the Tactical Intelligence Course.)