Preparing for the Gray Zone

Feb 26, 2022

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: Typical "prepper" stuff isn't getting you prepared for life in the Gray Zone. In this email, I describe the second-layer solutions you should be building.

I'm sure you've noticed things have gotten a little bit... weird.

 "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength," as Orwell wrote.

 What we're experiencing is not a total collapse, but it's also not life as we've known it. The line between order and chaos is blurring. This is the Gray Zone, and it might look familiar to folks who've spent any time in Latin America, Eastern Europe, parts of the Middle East, or a lot of other fragile and failed states.

 You might feel that things can't continue like this for long, but I think they will.

 Between you and me, many people underestimate the ability of Hobbes' Leviathan to trudge along.

 I don't think there will be any "starting fresh" or starting over from a total collapse. We won't be that lucky. This is something we'll be forced to live through and do the best we can with what we have, which is why I have a laser-like focus on "second layer" solutions.

 First layer solutions are things like water and food storage, shelter, an ouch pouch, self-defense tools, a Bao Feng. These things will keep an individual or family alive (maybe).

 Second layer solutions include:

  • a neighborhood watch
  • a local preparedness and information-sharing network
  • alternative logistics, supply, and production networks
  • alternative long-term medical care
  • and all the other things that are not "survival" or "prepper" skills, but will make life a lot better while we navigate the future.


 These are all things I'm working on in my little corner of the Brazos Valley. I received a HUGE response from readers last year who wanted to know more about how I'm building a preparedness network. I'll cover it for you, from A to Z.

 From today forward, my primary focus is on developing solutions to the problems described in the Early Warning reports at Forward Observer.

 If you stay on this email list, you'll receive my latest thoughts on our collapse into the Gray Zone and what you can do about it.

 I'm getting into the weeds of what I'm doing to counter-organize my community and I'll teach you how you can replicate that.

 We're in this together, and I mean that. I'll email soon with some first steps you can take.


Until next time, be well and stay out front.


Always Out Front,

Mike Shelby

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