What most people get wrong about the "collapse"

Apr 25, 2023

I was listening to a Shawn Ryan Show episode yesterday.

The guest was Ioan Grillo, a Brit who's lived in Latin America for 20+ years and reported on some of the most horrific gang and cartel violence imaginable.

Among many of my takeaways was that these people in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and other places didn't just wake up one day in a war zone.

Their collapse wasn't sudden. It took place over years and decades.

And life goes on.

They still wake up and go to work.

They send their kids off to school.

They buy groceries, go to soccer games, and attend Mass all in the middle of a war zone between the cartels and the military.

And sometimes vigilante militias.

There was no single moment when the "S" hit the fan.

It just started little by little, and now runs full tilt.


And to be honest...

My worst fear is that parts of the United States collapse into tribal violence that doesn't get solved.

And the war is never won.

The violence just keeps going, racking up a civilian death toll, until the safest places in the United States are behind walls and gates, just like in parts of Latin America.

And I have to tell you, this is what we should be preparing for.

Yeah, the first question is how to sustain and protect yourself and become self-reliant.

But the real problem to be solved is how we band together as a community

and pull the levers of political, social, and economic power

to keep this tribal conflict out of the area. (Or to win when/if/where it happens.)

How do you win this war in a large enough area that your community remains safe?

No amount of beans, bullets, and band-aids anyone has stored as an individual or household will accomplish this mission.


This is why we need Layer 2 Solutions.



If you've read this far then please do me a favor...

Comment below and let me know which of these Layer 2 solutions interest you...

and I'll work on some training material (a blog post or video) on how to get the ball rolling.

How does that sound?

Just add a comment and I'll see it.

And I'll get something cooking for y'all.

Thanks for reading.


Until next time, be well and stay out front.


Always Out Front,

Mike Shelby

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