Fox Company


The United States is in a Gray Zone conflict that's going to break wide open this decade. Internally, there are subversive and revolutionary movements, political violence, and an ongoing low intensity conflict. Externally, foreign governments are using cyber attacks, disinformation, and political, diplomatic, economic, financial and monetary subversion to defeat the United States without a conventional war.

In short, this decade is going to be volatile and we'll continue to experience large scale systems disruption. This is not just me: this is exactly what U.S. military and government officials are saying.

I started Fox Company to inform, educate, and prepare students to navigate our Gray Zone future. Join me  as I teach intelligence and security concepts geared to help you understand these crises and conflicts.

Each week, I provide a mini-lesson based on my research of historical and contemporary gray zone warfare and low intensity conflicts. Plus, I provide instruction on how to build a local intelligence capacity for emergency preparedness and security planning.

This is a one-of-a-kind online school run by former intelligence and special operations personnel. We're passing on lessons that we've learned in conflict, and want to help prepare Americans for what's coming. I'll see you inside. - Mike Shelby